The Movement

Black Girl Speaks is a MOVEMENT that strives to empower the disenfranchised, uplift the downtrodden, and heal the broken-spirited through artistic expression. Through theatrical performances, lectures, workshops, and conferences we work to fulfill this mission.


Janelle Austin - (from a teacher's perspective)..."Black Girl Speaks, and you LISTEN!"

Ariel Patton -"Black girl speaks, and vision is given to the blind, hearing to the deaf."

Andrea Coverson - "Black Girl Speaks and relationships are mended."

Carla McGuire - "When Black Girl Speaks she inspires your heart, she touches your soul, and lifts your spirit"

Yashica Coley - "When Black Girl Speaks the drinking ends; when Black Girl Speaks abortion ends; when Black Girl Speaks our men change; when Black Girls Speaks inner beauty begins; when Black Girl Speaks the Heavens opens up, and our prayers are heard by the great: I Am; when Black Girl Speaks...."

Erin Shell Anthony - "When Black Girl speaks, love is magnified, people are unified and we all see each other more clearly."

Kylila Bullard - "Black Girl Speaks and breaks the chains of insecurities that confines one's self, empowers others to define themselves through avenues of undisputable truths. Black Girl Speaks and gives words meaning and fosters dreaming to those who never thought they could. When Black girl speaks Freedom Rings!!!"

Jamilla Webb - "When Black Girl Speaks, she reclaims her power to define herself. Something that everyones else has tried to do but fails miserably because they have never seen, lived, or walked in her shoes!!!"

Cheri T. Ashwood - "Black Girl speaks the Universe into perfect alignment. Cosmic Harmony. Healing."

Lagina Smith - "When this Black Girl Speaks, folks drop everything and listen!"

Dione Facey-Poitier - " When Black Girl Speaks tears fall, laughter echoes, self reflects, pain eases and spirits soar."

Monica Baker - "When Black Girl Speaks walls are torn down, souls are freed and lives are forever changed."

Harmony Rutland - "When Black Girl Speaks, the Earth smiles, charmed by the wit of her daughter"

Stephanie Glenn - "When Black Girl Speaks: Lives are changed! People are moved. I still remember that feeling the first time I saw the show. I was mesmerized... Speechless..."

Brandi Everett Franklin - "a truth that brings freedom!" (John 8:32)

Tanquilla Hallback - “Black Girl Speaks uncomfortable truths that others are afriad to hear. Softly spoken but words are spoken loudly. Imperfectly beautiful is the black girl who dares to speak.”

Toni Howard - "and she demands respect, she permeates struggle, but she always radiates love."

Kiara Diggs - "Black Girl Speaks so that we can win!!!"

Vanessa Davis - "Black Girl Speaks and the heavens Open"

Kristen Taylor- "Black Girl Speaks and the world listens!"

Melanie Fernandez - "Black Girl Speaks and hearts fill with hope."