The Show

"Face-painted like Philadelphia murals; body lit like Kwanzaa candles; earrings and necklaces dangling like strange fruit..." -Talitha Anyabwele

What is Black Girl Speaks?

Black Girl Speaks is a MOVEMENT that empowers, humanizes, and gives voice to the black female experience. It began as a one-woman show at Amen-Ra’s Bookshop and Gallery in Tallahassee, Florida on November 12, 2005. The sold-out audience demanded encore performances and thus BGS Productions, Inc. was founded. The playwright, producer, and lead performer, Talitha Anyabwelé founded the company to empower the disenfranchised, uplift the downtrodden, and heal the broken-spirited through artistic expression.

The Black Girl Speaks MOVEMENT has expanded to include several varying show editions for diverse audience members, a rousing lecture series for personal and professional organizations, and a workshop curriculum for mature and adolescent participants. Black Girl Speaks serves as a voice of the voiceless; recognizing that the common human characteristic that threads us all is that we all want to be heard. Each performance uses profundity and levity to illustrate our trials and triumphs through poetry and prose, monologues, and dialogues, singing and dancing, and testifying and signifying. By the event’s end, you’ll be inspired to “Use Your Voice and SPEAK!”

Black Girl Speaks

and hearts are opened,

minds are restored,

spirits are renewed,

people are transformed,

the voiceless are heard,

and Healing Begins!

“Use Your Voice & SPEAK!”

The Founder (Biographical Poem)

I am

a wonderfully made, beautifully spirited,

faithfully praying, multi-task juggling,

got onlookers marveling woman.

I am proof that there is a God.

I am a companion,


lover, sister, friend, warrior,

educator, elevator, author and innovator.

I SPEAK dreams to life.

I am (not just) a woman.

I am Black Girl Speaks

and so are you.

-Talitha Anyabwelé ©2012